Braille Rubik’s Cube for the Blind

The world of a blind geek must be a difficult one. Many of the luxuries we take for granted (watching Star Wars, reading fanfiction, witnessing Steve Jobs unveil the newest device in the Apple arsenal) just aren’t possible for the blind to the extent that the fully-functional among us have become accustomed to. Imagine Star Wars without being able to actually see Chewbacca. The roars are still awesome, but it’s his nuanced facial expressions and movements which make the Wookiee.

Designer Konstantin Datz has devised away for even the geekiest of the blind to enjoy Rubik’s Cube. Colors are replaced by Braille symbols. In fact, I’m sort of jealous. The stark white shade is actually pretty cool looking.

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  1. Can it will be easy for them?

  2. Normally, a stupid question begets a stupid answer, but it appears your stupidity has reached critical mass. If I don’t stop it soon, it will undergo fission and produce enough stupidity radiation to finish off Japan and give Godzilla an erectile dysfunction. Sir mhaidarhanif, are you willing to risk the (currently pending) lives of Godzilla’s potential future children? Even if they do decide to go to a giant monster sperm bank, that resulting baby giant monster, Little Suzyzilla won’t have her daddy’s eyes or her mommy’s smile. Prick.

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    ‘Can it will be easy for them?’ Not unless they have a disturbing amount of fingers and a pact with satan granting them a permanent +5 to braille. What’s a blind man going to do with a soul anyway? He can’t even look at it. He would need about enough fingers to be able to scan every tile on a side fairly efficiently, not to mention that you would need to utilize the standard hummer-sized (but not hummer-wh running 5:1 diesel to orphan tears as fuel. supercomputer to process and store all of that simultaneous. We’re talking Nope. Braille reading is a very slow art, but less like an art, and more like a pain in the ass. It’s not as if they

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