Bouncy Giant Foam Cheese Dice: For Use With Cheddar Themed Dice-Tossing RPGs


Sure, RPGing was definitely not the intention of these Giant Foam Cheese Dice (obviously the point was to attract aging gold digger women in casinos), but seriously, how could you not at least wonder what it would be like to play a little DnD with these bad boys? The only problem is that giant dice with only 6 sides is not acceptable. Give us some more options to work with!

Each of the bouncy Foam Dice measures 16″ by 16″ (which makes them perfect cubes for those not hip to the cooler parts of Geometry.) I’d totally even use these dice as pillows or chairs if there weren’t a warning on the product page announcing that the dice are, in fact, hollow, so sans the furnishing idea. A set of dice will cost you $89. — Andrew Dobrow

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