Bonaverde Roasts, Grinds And Brews Coffee!

If you are a frequenter of TechCrunch like us then you have probably already heard of the Bonaverde but if not then you really need to check out this video of the ultimate coffee machine.


The Bonaverde is the perfect coffee maker for the java lover on your list this Christmas. Unfortunately, the chances are that you won’t be able to get your hands on this puppy until next year since the Kickstarter project to raise funds for their machine production has just started. The founders of Bonaverde are seeking to raise $135,000 to fund their coffee maker that takes green beans to a cup of coffee in less than 15 minutes!

There is no doubt that you will catch this coffee machine on the market at some point however, since with 8 days left the Kickstarter campaign for Bonaverde has already raised $465,475! Worried that investing in this machine is going to leave you with a complicated coffee maker that you can’t understand? Don’t be, because according to the guys over at TechCrunch it is just as easy to use as the Keurig!

So what are the benefits of using green beans for your coffee and roasting them yourself using the Bonaverde? Green beans keep fresh much longer than the pre-roasted beans that you buy at the grocery store. So with your own roasting functionality you can roast beans in smaller batches and make sure that your coffee is always fresh!

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