Bluetrek ST1 Bluetooth headphones add overly large exoskeleton

bluetrek st1 bluetooth headphones

Wireless, specifically Bluetooth, headphones are starting to pick up momtentum, and for good reason. No one really wants to worry about that annoying wire that allows the person next to you to rip the headphones out if they want to talk to you. Maybe you should get rid of that per son sitting next to you instead. Either way, the Bluetrak ST1 Bluetooth headphones are a nice addition to the lineup of wireless headphones. They are not specifically iPod exclusive, which is nice for those of us not willing to commit to the Apple lifestyle. It has opperational buttons right over the hinges for the earbuds, which might be nice, or might just add some extra weight (which it needs none). Unfortunately, the simple in-the-ear style plastic earbud seen here isn’t known for giving off great sound quality, so don’t expect these to replace your exisiting Bose headphones. Also, what is the huge block on the back?! It looks like all it does is at a pound to the unit size. It’s probably the reciever, but honestly, does it have to be so large? — Nik Gomez

Bluetrek’s latest ST1 Bluetooth headphones [Slashphone]

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  1. its very nice its my dream headphone

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