Better Things to do than Getting Sloshed with your Mates at the Bar


I’m at a crossroad in my life where I’m no longer that energetic 21-year-old itching to get out to the bars and clubs with my mates for a night of debauchery and mischief. I did that game and it seems like my friends and I are starting to feel the tiredness of always doing the same routine every weekend of our early twenties.

I’ve been thinking about better things to do with our time. Things are slowing down since we’re all getting older so I went ahead and put together a list and I thought it would be a great little match for GearFuse and all those other mid-20’s out there that wants to change it up a bit:

·  Bring back the LAN – Back in the 90’s my friends and I would always have at least one night out of the month where we would bring our computers together and play classic FPS’s like Quake or Doom over LAN. Nowadays, there’s online play but it really kills the vibe you got when it’s five other friends all huddled in one room, stinking of sweat, piles of soda cans, and yelling at each other from across the room. If you’re a gamer and never got the chance to do a proper LAN then I suggest you do (at least starting with this list).

·  Go up in smoke – This one doesn’t count for the friends who don’t smoke. A night of hookah and smoking is an awesome alternative to going out. Not only do you get to huddle together around smoking great shisha, it creates a vibe where all of you can kick back, relax, and tell stories much like you did around the campfire back in the day. Pick up a decent hookah, shisha, coals, and the accessories and you’re bound to have a chill night with friends.

·  Shoot schlock film – Remember that Jack Black movie Be Kind Rewind where they accidentally erase all the videos and tried to reshoot them in the lowest of budgets? What about taking a night out of the month to do something like that? Get together your friends, put together some makeshift costume & set, and try re-recording one of your favorite movies. It sounds really stupid but it would definitely be a change of pace (plus you could always have some beers while at it).

·  Get creeped out – This one may not be all too legal depending on where you’re going but there are tons of abandoned buildings around the U.S. you could explore. Sites like will even find abandoned buildings within your area. Going out, exploring some of these places, getting creeped out, and playing pranks on your friends will definitely be something different.

·  Start a fight club Just don’t talk about it…

·  Do some (legal) graffiti – No, don’t grab up the spray paint and start tagging everything you see – be creative and stick to the legal side. With a power washer you could use stencils and go around your city “cleaning up” the sidewalk or side of a building and voila! you’ve created reverse graffiti which kind of teeters the line but you aren’t “technically” defacing property… you’re giving it a proper cleaning!

·  Build something (for a change) – Stop being the average consumer and trying to one-up your buddies on the latest gadgets and toys. Instead, get together and see if everyone can come to a consensus on building something cool like a boat, custom RV, a new computer, car, or whatever you all share interests in. So much of our time is in front of the computer or phones; so much is being wasted on bars where you’re never lucking out. Try creating something BIG, together.

What better things do you have to share (besides the usual bar hopping and club night)?

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