Bamboo USB Keyboard and Mouse Make Perfect Gifts for Geeky Pandas


A great edible gift for a Panda, not such a great edible gift for Panda pet owners. The 106-key Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse from Brando connects to your computer via its USB port and offers support for Window 2000/XP/Vista and Linux.

If you live in a heavy Panda bear population, you might want to either lock the keyboard up tight or mask its scent with your (hey, we don’t judge, Ok, maybe we do judge a little bit) or your mom’s perfume or something. You can purchase both keyboard and mouse individually or you can buy them together for $52.


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  1. Koala’s eat eucalyptus bark and leaves. I think you mean that we need to hide these from our pet pandas.

  2. Duh… thanks for that Wayne.

  3. Uhm. Koalas (dwellers of the down under continent) would go for Eucalyptus, rather than Bamboo, right? Very much unlike Pandas, who are totally into the latter. Aren’t they?

  4. (i was late by a few minutes. *feels embarassed*)

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