BabySim infant emergency simulator for blossoming nurses


BabySim is a new technology being used by nursing students at Canterbury Christ Church University. Nurses are often called upon for duty for the birth of a child with emergency medical needs. The portable BabySim is an anatomically correct infant doll which is meant to simulate the real-life needs of a newborn. Using this technology, which also comes with software and a video debriefing aid, nurses in training can prepare for the life or death situations of newborn pediatric medicine.

The full-scale infant mannequin gives interactive real-time data as nurses perform the needed steps for the relevant situation. With specially designed airways, breathing patterns, and a specially made IV arm, the BabySim is about as real as you can get without a real live breathing infant in front of you. At least if they screw up on the BabySim, no life is lost. Although we’re sure the poor doll will go through some heavy abuse. — Andrew Dobrow

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