Axsotic 3D Spherical Mouse

If you can’t do 3D right, don’t do it at all. I’m looking at you 3D cinema! I much prefer the classics. The Axsotic 3D Spherical Mouse provides maximum navigation of your 3D images and design projects, allowing you to move your creations around as if you were actually holding them in your fingertips, instead of pointing and scrolling. Using Axsotic is said to be as natural as drawing with a pen tablet.

The mouse is instantly compatible with most Windows and Mac computers. There’s not even a driver necessary. For compatibility with most software you can use a plug-in available on the mouse’s site or create your own with their SDK. While there is no price or release date announced, the main site as a spot where you can register to be notified on when you can order your own. Hit the jump to see a video of the mouse in action.

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