Average Day Wristwatch Doesn’t Care Much For Numbers


Are you more of a “take action” sort of person, rather than a tight-scheduled numbers guy? The Average Day Watch, designed by Crispin Jones, is crafted for people just like you, who just don’t find much need for numbers in their life. Replacing the traditional digits are an assortment of daily routines. Just after noon? Then you know it’s time to eat! If your stomach hasn’t already been telling you that anyway, then the Average Day Watch sure will.

From washing, to working, to your allotted time set aside for your sad excuse of a social life, it’s all here. Aptly set on a squiggly and colorful timeline-like interface, the outer ring of events corresponds to actions taken in the AM. The inner band relates your daily PM activities. Time ain’t nothing but a number. The Average Day Watch knows what’s really important. You can grab your own for $145.


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