Automatic Chain Smoking Machine Replaces Dead Relatives

Things just haven’t been the same at the annual family picnic since Uncle Charlie passed away. The way he ruffled my hair every year like I was still seven. The hard gravel of his nicotine stained voice. The waft of tobacco and cheap cologne that would stick to the walls for months following his visits. Nope, things just aren’t the same without Uncle Charlie.

Apart from building an Uncle Charlie cyborg, there’s not much we can do to replicate that old feeling of having our grumbly yet cuddly Uncle back in our lives. The Smoking Machine by Kristofer Myskla might not be able to replace the hair-ruffling or the simple excitement of catching a first glimpse of� that huge bushy mustachioed face bounding through the front door, but what it can do, it does well. Specifically designed to chain smoke cigarettes, the scent of stale Winston’s is our little way of saying “Uncle Charlie, we’ll never forget you.”

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