Automatic car starter for the overly lazy

deluxe car starter

Is putting your keys into your car door too complicated or stressful for you? If so, the Deluxe Remote Car Starter is for you. And so is therapy because no one should be that bothered by keys. This little device which costs about $90 has a range of 1,000 feet, quite far for your normal house. For technical reasons, this automatic starter does not function with manual transmission cars. Why should this scare you a bit? Because, like every other electronic device that has some kind of risk involved, it can be hacked. You probably don’t really want someone figuring out exactly how this works, which in turn would give them full access to your car. So if you have full confidence in this matter, go ahead and try it. It’s probably life changing…–Nik Gomez

Start your car remotely [via UberGizmo]

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  1. Mr. Gomez…
    Perhaps you have never woken up to a car covered in 4 feet of snow, which could take well over an hour to thaw before you would even DREAM of trying to get an ice-coated door open.
    Lazy? No. Spend a week in Montana in January, and you will resend your snyde remarks.
    Oh, and by the way… there are still many places where cars don’t get “hacked” into on a daily basis.
    Im guessing you are from So Cal. You need to get out and see the world a little bit.

  2. yes i must admit. that fella didnt take life outside his into account.
    i hate going into my car in winter. and who made leather seats king anyway. they suck! they’re cold in winter and hot in summer and it takes a while for them to acclimatize.
    and yes, i live in a very safe neighbourhood in the mid west. i hardly lock my doors. car or home.
    my only problem is that i AM forgetful so i would turn the ignition on and get distracted with something else for hrs.

    so im looking for one that has a 15 to 25 min shutoff if a key is not inserted within that period.
    any ideas?

  3. Seriously, I agree with the last two people. I am from Buffalo, NY – Do you know what kind of snow we get out there!? I have been out to the midwest and when it is below zero for two months my car does not ever get to a normal temperature, and its a 2005! It is not a matter of laziness- it is a matter of ELEMENTS you shallow minded man. You are clearly from somewhere warm and without snow, because you think that people use these to avoid using their keys?! What sense does that make! It was designed for people in cold temperature probably BY people in cold temperatures. Ugh who let YOU write this critique!

  4. wow guys…. you maybe need to take a step back for a moment.

    sure he didn’t think outside his personal box but you could give the heads up in a slightly less aggressive manner, you know.

    i’ll admit i didn’t see a point to it either, having been born in and not yet having found a reason to leave a part of the world that isn’t regularly fucked over by frankly insane weather conditions.

  5. It doesn’t snow much here in Houston. But, the summers here are unforgiving. Stepping right into your car on a hot day (can’t leave your windows cracked in this city, no difference anyway) will have you drenched in a matter of minutes while your a/c kicks in. I’d much rather start my vehicle up from somewhere the a/c is blowing cold. Then walk right into my ride and go with no hiccups. If that’s lazy, fine. But i’ll stay dry everywhere I go in this city!

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