AU shows triple-screened concept phone


The reason why we’re so excited about this “Actface” concept phone is that there is actually a good chance of commercialization, from the past experience of AU Design Project. The very Japanese-looking brush drawing on the background UI will animate in-sync with the keys you press. You can watch the movie here and see for yourself.

For those who don’t know much about the Japanese mobile market, AU (AU by KDDI) is the second largest operator in Japan, and the company was the first to start a design war in the market, by commercializing “impossible” and ultra-sweet-looking concept phones. Catch the jump for more.


Also showcased side-by-side with the “Actface” are 2 more concepts (below). We don’t find the thin “Hitoca” that fascinating; and we don’t think they would really commercialize the pebble-shaped “Sorata” that displays clouds and blue sky during standby (movie).



Sam Chan


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