AT&T to Put Data Caps on Internet Users

AT&T Broadband, which is markedly better than their cell phone coverage (results may vary by location – JW), will soon have data caps introduced. While this is surely good news for, um… someone… it could potentially be bad news for those of you who surf the Internet frequently.

The data caps are set at 150GB for landline DSL customers, while U-Verse broadband subscribers will get a 250GB cap. Maybe I’m a complete dunce, but 250GB doesn’t exactly seem to be all that heinous. Neither do AT&T’s overage fees, which will be $10 for every 50GB of data you go over. Furthermore, there will be a two month grace period, which means that you’ll have to go 50GB or more over your data cap for three months before you get charged. Of course, this is three months in total, not three months in a row.

According to AT&T, less than 2% of subscribers will be affected. After looking at the numbers, I have a hard time hating this as much as some of you surely will. In fact, the only people I could see having a real problem with this are hardcore gamers and bloggers.

…hey, wait a minute…

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*Yes, that’s MY actual Internet speeds. You may weep for me accordingly

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  1. We have 100gb (max) data usage caps in OZ… you’ll survive.

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