Appliance Alarm Clocks: Exactly Why I Don’t Do Laundry At Night


I don’t know how many times I’ve been awaken out of a deep sleep when my washer or dryer goes off with that super-sonic blasting beep. It was even worse in the days where my mother and sister would do their laundry, with me, unsuspecting of the beeping, would be shocked out of my slumber.

Sure, it might be a real pain in the ass, but appliances never had a problem getting my ass out of bed, which is why I kinda see the point behind the Appliance Alarm Clocks. When the alarm goes off, the clocks will act like your everyday appliance, producing animated suds, shaking on its stubs, and making loud swishy noises. Possibly a nominee for the most extreme clocks you’ll never own? Get yours from between $17 and $20.


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