Apple Watch – Love It, Hate It, Too Soon To Say?


Most people don’t understand the new Apple Watch. They’ve tended to write it off in that kneejerk reactionary way – metaphorically folding their arms, looking a bit curmudgeonly and harrumphing at the new technology. It’s too thick, it’s too expensive, I don’t need one – it won’t catch on, etcetera, etcetera.

But the people saying this simply don’t understand its true potential. Sure Apple Watch may well be consigned to the technological dustbin of history alongside the Betamax video player, the Sinclair C5 and a whole host of other historical techy oddities (which are all hugely collectible by the way). On the other hand – it may be about to sweep all before and. And remember that this is new generation, first stage technology, so it will have glitches – like the fact that you’d better be wearing a shirt with loose fitting cuffs.

So what will Apple Watch do that your phone, tablet or whatever other tech you have about your person currently doesn’t?

Well rather a lot actually.

The Apple Watch will get “who” you really are and all this information will be authenticated through skin contact. It will know where you are through the iPhone’s GPS, and it will understand what you’re currently doing through a gyroscope, accelerometer, and various apps. And eventually, it will even understand how you’re feeling as it monitors your body via various technologies.

In short, its skin contact and interactive technologies make it potentially the most powerful and intensively personal computer the world has seen to date. In fact, it’s the only one so far for commercial applications anywhere that even tries to do all this.

It possibly signals a whole new wave of technology and an understanding of the potential will gradually begin to dawn on the mainstream user population. In an age where everything happens online, the Apple Watch has the potential to understand your needs before you do all based on a whole battery of data and experience. What this could look like in practice is the control of your daily needs before you’ve even thought of them, like putting on the coffee to controlling your house lighting. It could also give personal health information directly to medical staff top pre-empt serious illnesses. And leisure-wise, there’s a whole range of potential applications from serious stuff like monitoring fitness, to reminding you about sports betting opportunities based on your previous behaviour and matching that with market movements and opportunities.

It’s difficult to get your head around how all this stuff will work together in the future. But this is always true of ground-breaking technology. Many learned types couldn’t see a great use for Alexander Graham Bell’s new-fangled telephonic invention back in the day and it was generally derided.

So have patience, don’t jump in too early – but do try and begin to get your head around the possibilities as we’re on the brink of change that will blow your mind. The Apple Watch is simply the opening salvo.

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