Apple Cuts iPad Price, Offers Refund of Difference to New Buyers

One of the questions I had that went unanswered after the iPad 2 announcement was “what about the old iPad?” Well, there is good news on two fronts as far as the first generation iPad is concerned. 1.) All iPad 1st Gen models have seen a $100 price cut, meaning that a basic WiFi-only 16GB unit is now $399. 2.) Realizing that there is no feeling worse than buying a product right before the price drop, anybody who purchased an iPad on or after February 16th, 2011 is entitled to a $100 refund of the price.

This isn’t a “special” deal, but rather Apple’s own existing policy in regards to price cut announcements, which states that anyone who purchases an item within 14 days prior to the announcement is entitled to a refund of the difference in price. I have to say, this is a pretty slick move by Apple that other companies should consider adopting if they don’t already.


It’s worth noting that Apple will only honor the refund for two weeks after the price drop announcement. What this means is that if you wait until March 17th to try to get your money back, you’re SOL.


*At last check, HP does not have such a program. If I am wrong, my apologies to Hewlett-Packard — love my dv7-4177nr.

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