Anti-Farmville T-Shirt Proclaims Your Hate For All Things Farm Related

We’ve seen a shirt in the past which proclaimed the same message, but never quite so blunt and in your face as this rendition of the same idea. Of course, if you were practical you’d just block all Farmville notifications, which really is simple enough, and call it a day. But I guess we all need something to rebel against.

The “No One Cares About Your Farm” T-Shirt uses the simple power of Helvetica to pound your hate into the skulls of those around you. The only thing that pisses me off is that damn hyphen between “no” and “one.” What the frig is that about? I might just have to whip out my “I Hate Bad Grammar” tee.

Update: The tee is now available hyphen free!

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  1. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for the post about my (awesome) t-shirt.

    Just stopping by to let you know that it is now available HYPHEN FREE.

    That’s right, still as awesome but 100% hyphen free.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Tweet Tees. I’ve updated the post.

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