An edible bamboo Jeep, well, at least for Koala Bears


This bamboo Jeep totally bamboozled us. Ok, now that the lame intro sentence is out of the way, this bamboo Jeep was made in the Philippines and was actually used for personal use by the creator. It is now used as a pimped out ride for pimped out government officials who visit the province.

In other news, it now seems as though a horde of Koala Bears are making their way to the Philippine Islands. We didn’t know they could swim, but strangely enough, bamboo happens to be like catnip for them. Lol, Koalanip. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I hate to be the devil’s advocate but I believe you are thinking about Panda’s where there main diet is a particular type of bamboo. The Koala (a native of Australia) actually eats a particular type of Eucalypt leaf.

    Yes both are nocturnal and are very docile during the day but at night stay well clear of them during mating season as males from both species can do serious damage to you!

    How do I know? I spent 32 years in Australia that is how.

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