American Airlines make sure the rich are even more comfortable


Instead of making some small improvements for the coach sections of their planes, American Airlines has chosen to make first-class even more of a pompous title. The new AA 777’s will feature an updated “Next Generation Business Class Product”. While us back in the coach section will still be lounging with the rats and sleeping on sheets of metal.

The changes will include ergonomic power seating with 5 motors, “lie flat” seating which will allow the chair to transform into a 76-inch bed, seats that slide up 10 inches, so you don’t have to converse to the snob next to you, Bose noise canceling headphones, and a tilting LCD monitor. Coach will look something like this. — Andrew Dobrow



  1. Why are you complaining? Is it because you’re jealous?

  2. Ya my family and I pay MORE then others so we can sit in those seats. You could shell out the extra cash yourself if you want to, so stop complaining.

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