Amazon Already Betting on 2nd Generation Kindle Tablet (Rumor)

Amazon’s “Kindle Fire” tablet PC hasn’t even been released (or officially announced) yet, and rumors are already beginning to circulate about the next-generation Kindle Fire.

According to some sources, Amazon’s “real” investment is already in the 2nd generation Kindle Fire, which is rumored to be released during Q1 of next year.

This update seems a bit suspicious — why would Amazon release a “better” version of their product only a few months after its debut? Wouldn’t that make consumers that purchase the first version incredibly upset — especially if it drops in price?

However, Amazon could be anticipating some stiff competition with other similar tablet PCs this holiday season, which could motivate them to announce an updated tablet sooner than we think.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this rumor plays out.


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