Air Genie: The flying, reflecting orb


Today must be the day of oddities. The Air Genie is a flying orb shaped screen which has video cameras built in to reflect it’s surroundings. We think that its some sort of ploy for advertising, kind of like the Goodyear Blimp, but extremely high tech.

The diameter of the sphere is 115 feet with a massive volume of 792,764 cubic feet. The Air Genie flies using a series of electrical prop rings and can reach speeds of 36 km/hr.

From the Air Genie website:

Digital video cameras arrayed over its surface enable Air Genie to instantly display it’s surroundings. Air Genie is an art and music ball, a fountain of motion pictures. Piloted and operated by visual and musicial artists. Air Genie interacts consciously with it’s environment, presenting the best new sounds and visions. When Air Genie lands in a park; instant dance party theater-in-the-round , brilliant imagery and crystal clear sound.

It’s going to look really spectacular at night. That’s for sure. Will it ever be a commerical success though?




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Home Page [Air Genie, via I4U News]

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