AHKY: Your wrist knows more languages than you do


I think interpreters cause more problems than they do help. You always get the feeling that for some words, they’re kind of making it up. You can hear that little sly “Uhh…” added in before these guessing moments. The AHKY (Arabic for “speak”) translation device plans to help military officials communicate with their captives allies, to assure them that they will die fast and painless will be unharmed.

So far, the device can only say 10 phrases in English, Arabic, and Kurdish including the quintessetial “come here”, “turn around slowly”, and of course, “Your momma’s so fat…” among others. Military co-workers have commented on the potential of this gadget being vast, and that it could be used from immigration, to police work, and on the battle field. — Andrew Dobrow


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    My God he’s gorgeous. Oh and that thing-a-ma-jig is cool too.

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