Afternoon Linkage for June 24th, 2008

Ryan is busy playing with his dick and watching Iron Man. Meanwhile, I’m testing out a bottle of Absinthe sent to me from my bank account for review.

  • It’s a shirt, a pillow and a backpack in one!
  • Some pig fucker took us for a ride on the Hoax Express
  • You know it’s a slow day when I call stamps ‘stylin’
  • AA is testing out in-flight WiFi tomorrow
  • T-Mobile won’t gouge you that badly over time
  • LEGO time! Check out this Nord Lead Synth done in brick
  • Avril Lavigne is abou to have the #1 video on YouTube
  • This spiral sink has been gaining popularity for its design
  • On Demand magazine printing would be amazing
  • The creepiest dolls you’ll ever see

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