Afternoon Linkage for July 9th, 2008

Some claim drinking beer at 1PM is dangerous. I call it delicious! Just like these links:

  • Dogs can eat with dignity and class too
  • Have a cat? You absolutely need this
  • Trippy technicolor, brah
  • Get ready for HOPE with a new episode of ‘Off the Hook’ from 2600. A must listen!
  • Whassup, ya’ll. Dial my raps, mothafucka
  • Here’s Joel interviewing Syd Mead
  • Colorful graphic welding helmets look badass
  • A first look at Castlevania for the Wii…
  • Low on storage? Woot! is offering a 2GB microSD card with adaptor for six bucks
  • Synth + Ice Hockey + Tabletop Game = Bliss

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