Afternoon Linkage for July 8th, 2008

People are already lining up for the launch of the iPhone 3G. Are you getting one or are you going to stay inside your air conditioned room reading these links?

  • Without a doubt the wackiest sky walk I’ve ever seen
  • Windex can now be used as a light salad dressing it seems
  • Looking for a job in science-fiction?
  • Score a free Joy Division Zune (if you want one)
  • The latest PS3 update is out
  • Now this is how you do laundry
  • Beautiful illuminated bath tiles
  • Apple really hates Rogers and is kicking Canadians to the curb
  • Speaking of the iPhone 3G, could this be a real unboxing of it?
  • Our dictionaries get a geeky update
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