Afternoon Linkage for July 17th, 2008

Let’s not kid ourselves here. You’re going to see The Dark Knight in about 12 hours and so am I. In the meantime, let’s cut the tension with some links, shall we?

  • Help give kids the gift of breasts
  • How to cool off in Japan
  • Does it get any better than new Castlevania titles?
  • Big Tip: Find out how you can still purchase a PC with Windows XP installed on it
  • Amazon is out to play hardball (VOD)
  • Eyes without a face
  • All you need to know is that this article is about Doom 4 and John Carmack
  • The Vegan Bath Bomb
  • Soldering Championships are nothing to brag about
  • X Marks The Spot!
  • Old computers and Macs turned into office artwork

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