Afternoon Linkage

Here’s a delicious helping of good reads from around the ‘net.

  • You might be able to get a Nintendo Wii at Circuit City
  • Would you buy a $40 1GB MP3 Player with pre-loaded music?
  • This small Bluetooth keyboard resembles Apple’s new keyboard quite a bit
  • DRM strikes again! If you’re good with 360 modding and tinkering, you could probably give this gentleman a hand
  • Revision 3 CEO claims servers were attacked by anti-piracy outfit
  • Blam caught Dell with his super-secret tiny laptop
  • Comics on sticky notes are always a good thing
  • That’s a happy LEGO robot!
  • Sean Penn probably hates this twisted wood furniture
  • If Ed Zander gave birth out his anus, it would look like this Glovephone

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