After 20 Years, GamePro Says Farewell

If you frequent the GamePro website, you might have noticed the depressing announcement posted on the top of each page. Yes, it’s true — After about 20 years of sharing gaming news, GamePro is shutting down both their website and their magazine publication. The November issue of GamePro will be the last.

This is from the official announcement:

Thank you for your loyalty, support, and participation in the community. At noon on December 5, 2011, the U.S. version of GamePro online will shut down as an independent site. GamePro will become part of, offering gaming news, reviews, and how-tos from the PCWorld team. Thank you to the entire GamePro staff for their hard work and dedication.” — GamePro Website

When asked why they were shutting down their magazine and website, GamePro only cited a loss in advertising revenue. Some sources say that most (if not all) of GamePro’s current staff will be laid off, while a few members will become PCWorld employees.

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