Admit One Movie Ticket Bowl made from real tickets


Now this is friggen cool. This Admit One Movie Ticket Bowl is made from a reel real roll of movie tickets. It might not sound like much, but just check out those pictures! How much more unique could you get? Great for any movie buff.
Conveniently, not only is it damn cool looking, but is also a prefect example of recycling old and used material. Even though, of course the rolls are full and complete, so they weren’t actually used. And who would eat off of used tickets anyway? A show of hands, please. Available now for prices ranging between $60-$100, but sadly, out of stock. 🙁 — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. or make this for the price of a few rolls of tickets and some mod podge… maybe 20-30 bucks tops if you get all fancy!

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