Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce Pleases All Tastes

Whether you’re a full-on chili head or just want a touch of added flavor, Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce accommodates all of your hot sauce needs. The specially designed twist top allows you to choose your level of heat. A nozzle mixes your chosen brew, rationing out the correct amount of each sauce to create your perfect spiced condiment.

This is perfect for someone like me who’s rather picky about their heat. Sometimes I like to feel my sinuses boil. Other times I just prefer a mild sizzle.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea. I’m the same way. Sometimes I want my food painfully spicy, other times I just want a nice kick.

  2. Nice idea, but if you don’t like your sauce *exactly* medium you’ll run out of one side quicker than the other and end up with sauce that’s either totally mild or painfully hot!

  3. So, unless I prefer a 50-50 mix, I’m wasting part of my purchase. Splendid.

  4. I think more to the point the arrows on the container point the wrong way. If I turn it towards the direction the “milder” arrow points it’ll make the sauce hotter 😉

  5. This idea seems a little bland.

  6. Steve-
    If you only want your hot sauce the same way every time, why would you get the adjustable heat one? I think the idea is for somebody whose tastes vary (such as the first two commentors) and averages out to 50/50.

    If you turn the nozzle towards the milder arrow it will make the sauce warmer, not hotter.

  7. Woody, your a knucklehead…learn how to twist a knob, the milder arrow points towards the settings that will make it milder. Move your preferred setting to the slash in between the hotter and milder labels to achieve your setting.
    This is perfect for someone who does not live alone, (and hates to buy more than one sauce) I like the stuff hot, my wife likes the sauce milder, while our daughter likes it somewhere in between. Great idea, just hope it works as advertised.

  8. This is obviously for people who like their sauce both really hot or mild-just at different times so when one side is empty they can use the other when they want that specific flavor. Hot sauce is cheap, but if a person can’t stand the heat they are better off buying a mild sauce to begin with.

  9. Or, it’s great for a couple or a family with different tastes. If I want really mild, but my husband loves extremely spicy, this is perfect…

  10. Pootie

    August 12, 2010 2:42am

    This is obviously for people who like their sauce both really hot or mild-just at different times


    Really? Would have never guessed.

  11. These comments are as good as the sauce bottle itself.

    Thumbs up all round.

  12. Been around for ages, I had some a few years ago, wasn’t great. Dave’s gourmet do do some really good hot sauces tho

  13. @chilehead maybe you need to twist a knob yourself, on your joke detector. It doesn’t seem to be on.

  14. My guess is, that this is for a family/bbq not for yourself, a hot sauce that can be used by several people with diffrent taste towards spicyness, ofc if you are 1 person there would be little need to buy an adjustible sauce, so obviously its meant for several people to use

  15. Next we’ll have a porridge cooker that only heats on one side. Then have a dial that ranges from cold –> Just right –> Boiling. It’d be great for families of 3 bears.

  16. Retarded.

  17. Problem with this idea is that the residual capsaicin in the mixer will result in completely inconsistent results. If you shoot for “very mild” just after somebody has blopped out a few drops of “blow my head off”, you’re in for a bit of a shock.

  18. @ ? – what woody means is based on the color of the sauce the lighter sauce claims to be hotter than the darker sauce, but when a sauce is more concentrated it should be darker, i have different hot sauces with different flavors and kicks and some of the hotter ones are darker. you should check your joke detector cause woody’s post wasn’t funny.

  19. @SMerlin – so if that’s the case why not just buy a medium sauce?
    My point being, unless you want this sause EXACTLY 50/50 each time you’re gonna end up with one or the other side left over!
    This is just a gimmick, nothing more.

  20. If you look carefully at the bottle it seems split down the middle.
    Two separate bottles?
    Be nice if they could be replaced separately.

  21. Ok so where I can purchase this A-MAZ-ING product?

  22. @ Kris
    Its like the Draino Drain snake, it has two bottles glued together to keep the product from mixing together before use.

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