Add a Paging System to Your TV Remote: Never Lose the Remote Control Again

I might be lying a little bit in the title of this post. You might lose your remote control again. In fact, you probably already have. But I can guarantee that with this DIY project, you’ll never be missing it for long. Since no one really uses their home phone line anymore anyway, it doesn’t make sense to just have a bunch of cordless telephones strewn across your home. But one thing those antiquated phones might be good for are a few of their innards.

Home hacker Matt decided to use his old phone’s paging feature to install a locating pager inside of his remote control. By cracking open his TV remote’s housing and inserting the telephone handset´┐Żs circuit board, speaker, and battery right inside, along with the remote’s parts, he created his own remote location device. He then modified the phone’s base station to include a charging cable to keep the pager charged. To make the remote beep, just press the pager button on the phone’s base as you would normally have done with your phone.


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