Activision Wants You To Get Oral with Sing Hero


This could be the worst idea ever, if it’s done the wrong way. While in principle, Activison recently filing for a trademark on the title “Sing Hero” is the logical step forward, this could spell some bad news for us. Of course, Sing Hero will be some sort of faux-music themed game, like Guitar Hero. So, not only will we have 10-year-olds running around thinking they are the next Eddie Van Halen, but we’re going to have even more American Idol wannabes who, frankly, can’t sing for shit.

I mean, look, we already have to bullshit when our girlfriends ask us how their voice is as they sing along to the newest fresh pop beat. That generic falsetto which they think makes them sound like Christina Aguilera? Yeah, that doesn’t cut it in our book. Now, if Sing Hero is made to judge singing accurately, we can see the game being mighty successful, but please, don’t fill our girlfriends with any more hope.

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