ACME Tri-fold Laptop at CeBIT


Three LCD screens on a laptop? Oh, don’t doubt it so quick, fellow gearheads. Check out the ACME tri-folding laptop featured at CeBIT. Don’t get your hope panties all up in a bundle just yet. This ACME product is for now, just a prototype, but this rugged piece of lap gear is sure to turn a lot of heads. Especially of those who are into killer resolution.

While the thought of a company named ACME might fill your head of falling anvils and Elmer Fudd, this laptop is no cartoon fantasy. At least, we hope not! This thing is too damn cool to be loony. While ACME says it is a “rugged” laptop, you would figure it would include dust-proof and water-proof protection. Think again. Apparently rugged no longer refers to the outdoor-men. At least it has an aluminum frame, which must be what they refer to as “rugged”. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. So, any word on a production date?

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