AA to D battery convertor saves time and money

aa to d battery

Simplicity solves so many problems. This little battery adapted is an excellent of simplicity put to a use that nearly everyone can use sooner or later. This little casing converts one AA battery to fit where a D size battery should go. It only costs $5 and if you are in a bit of a rush, it can get the job done until you can get a real D battery. One problem that the casing does nothing about is the capacity of the batteries. Just look at the size (not always the best idea) and you can see that a AA probably has less juice than a D. So what you get with this is a D battery with 1,500mAh instead of the normal 8,000mAh. Quite a difference, but when you are rushed and you need to just throw a battery in there, this does just fine. –Nik Gomez

Double-A To D Battery Converter [via OhGizmo]

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