A True Dark Knight Fan

I thought I was a Dark Knight fan. I have the fly joker kicks, the sweet action figures to play with and I even have bat wings tattooed in place of my eyebrows so people know I’m a real fan. But no, that wasn’t good enough. Some other fan boy had to out shine me and now, the tattoos bring nothing but ridicule.

Thanks a lot Bob Dullam. You just had to go and build the Batman Tumbler all by yourself, showing everyone that your fanboyism can’t be outdone.  Just you wait, Dullam. Next year, when Watchmen comes out, I’m going to build the most eye-popping Watchmen vehicle ever.  Wait, what does the Night Owl drive?

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  1. ok. this is an amazing vehicle. i dont mean to brag, but, iam a vehicular fan of the outermost extreme kind, and i was wondering if u would answer a few questions. first: how does it sit? like a car, or like the tumbler itself. second: could u tell me something about its speed? iam sure tht the rpms must be through the roof. lol.but is it more a speed vehicle with a big shell or a slower heavy vehicle. third: what can u say about the armor? is it truely niegh inpenitrable? or is it more for looks. u can simply repost ur answers here or u can e-mail me. thx!

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