A Fire Extinguisher Simulator..With Lasers!

Bullseye Fire Extinguisher Simulator

Chances are that if your office building caught on fire tomorrow, you and your co-workers would probably go ape shit and start banging on the nearest fire extinguisher in a feeble attempt to operate it. The harsh reality is that many companies haven’t provided adequate training in the event of a fire – a problem that BullEx aims to fix with their new Laser based “BullsEye” Fire Extinguisher Simulator.

The system’s digital panel responds to the movement of the laser in the extinguisher as the trainee sweeps across the screen. This helps to replicate the discharge of chemicals without all of the nasty mess – making it the ideal training tool for work environments. Expect the BullsEye Simulator to be available sometime next month. Sean Fallon

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