A commercial jet that will get you from D.C. to Tokyo in 2 hours


We all hate long flights. We always wind up sitting next to the vomiting baby whose parents are those people you’ve heard about that need more than one seat to fit comfortably, yet only pay for one, slyly overflowing into your seat. Hypersonic jets might one day make those torturous 20-hour flights pleasant 2-hour jump. Hypersonic jets soar faster then the speed of sound. New innovations might lead to lighter weight and higher fuel efficient jets.

A commercial hypersonic jet airliner would be able to circle the Earth in a matter of 4 hours, which would make flights a lot more enjoyable for out inconvenient seating situation. Will we ever see the light of day for this hypersonic jet? There’s really no way of saying. But, we pray in sake of our sanity, not to mention our non-vomit resistant gadgets, that we do. — Andrew Dobrow


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