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New Tattoo Tech Helps Artists Craft Amazing Works


Tattooing is an ancient form of body modification, but it’s also a popular practice today among people from all walks of life. More interestingly, however, for such an old practice, tattooing continues to evolve, and that allows artists to create more detailed and innovative work. Today’s artists work with machines that bear little to no resemblance to those tattooing implement ...

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9 Really Awful (and 1 Really Awesome) Tattoos

Awful Tattoos

When it comes to getting inked, we really wish that people would do a little more research. Find out about the tattoo artist you pick to do your work, ask their clients if they're happy, take a look at their work in person. Do these things and we can stop making posts like this!

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LEGO Thumb Tattoo

Our favorite LEGO artist, Nathan Sawaya, never ceases to amaze us with his awesomeness. Sawaya has shown his devotion to the art of LEGO in the most heart-felt way possible. His new LEGO tattoo disguises his own thumb as a LEGO brick, with ink etched into his skin to create a 3D illusion of brick goodness. Nathan says, “What better ...

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Steve Buscemi Darth Vader Tattoo

To some people, a tattoo of such greatness might not make much sense. But in my world, this reaches awesome levels of epic proportions. Some people mocked my own Jedi Mario tattoo. But you’ve got to go with your gut. With your true loves in life. Call me a fan of tattoos that others deem worthy of I don’t ...

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‘Google It’ Knuckle Tattoo Answers All Questions

I’m sick of answering questions. That’s all people want from me is answers. And I’m sick of it. So here’s my new, very permanent answer. Just Google it. It’s not even just the obvious questions that bother me. It’s even the ones that people use to try and test my computer knowledge. I’m a geek blogger, not a technician. Go ...

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Tattoo Decision Making Flowchart: Should You Get Ink?

Getting a geeky tattoo can be a hard decision to make. Personally, I have four tattoos that can be considered geeky, and I don’t regret a single one. In fact, I plan on having an entire arm dedicated to the world of Nintendo, specifically geared towards Mario. But it’s certainly not for everyone, especially people who haven’t devoted their life ...

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Mexican Sugar Skull Stormtrooper Ink Will Be My Next Tattoo

Those of you who have followed Gearfuse long enough know that I’m in the process of designing myself a geeky tattoo sleeve. I’ve already got Jedi Mario and a set of Mario Stars running up my arm, but I’ve been looking for the perfect addition. This Stormtrooper Sugar Skull tat might just be my next tattoo. I know, I know, ...

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