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What are Hard Plastic Badge Holders and Things to Check While Buying One?

Plastic card holders

It is vital to store your badge safely, ensuring it is free from damage. Despite taking the utmost precautions, it can be challenging to do so because they remain unprotected. Badge holders are the way out, as they help you keep them safely and conveniently. These are available in rigid or soft flexible styles, each with distinct benefits.  While a ...

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Redmi Y3 Overview


Xiaomi has now released the upgraded variant of their Y series. Redmi Y2 was basically quite an impressive smartphone in the budget segment. But the upgraded Redmi Y3 is a selfie-centric phone with an almost 32-megapixel camera at the front. The overall design almost looked like Galaxy A50 in the blue color. Now, if you want to know more about ...

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Redmi Go Review Read


Xiaomi has now become one of the most leading smartphone brands in India. Xiaomi introduces a lot of smartphone in every price bracket. Recently Xiaomi introduces their budget smartphone under Rs 5,000. The smartphone launches in the name of Redmi Go. It is one of the most affordable smartphones by the Xiaomi.The price of Redmi Go was almost Rs. 4,499. ...

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Realme 3 Overview


Realme become the most popular brand in India in just 9 months. The successor of Realme 2 comes up in the form of Realme 3. It is one of the finest devices in the budget segment of 10,000. Now the Realme had already launched this smartphone on 4 March 2019. Though the Realme 3 comes up with the great specification ...

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Fello—High-Quality Sunglasses for Affordable Prices

Designer quality sunglasses at economical prices with a warranty to replace if broken or stolen! About this Project- Fello Eyewear Indiegogo Sunglasses are not just for looking cool at the beach. Scientific research has shown time and time again that the ultraviolet B rays of the sun can damage the retina of the eye, perhaps permanently. Constant exposure to harming rays ...

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iPhone Case Adds Slide-On Tactile QWERTY Keyboard

We’ve seen attempts at adding a tactile QWERTY keyboard to replace the touchscreen of the iPhone before. iTwinge seemed like a viable option if you didn’t mind a hell of an eyesore, but it was actually pretty impractical. Half the touch screen was covered by a massive sheaf of buttons which were visibly awkward to slip on and off when ...

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The Architect’s Birdfeeder: Yeah, George Costanza Made This Too

If you’re a fan of the show Seinfeld, then you surely know about George Costanza and his life-long dream of becoming an architect (you know the new addition on the Guggenheim? That was him, didn’t take him very long either.) The Architect’s Birdhouse wold give George a little more proof behind his lies. Shipped flat, and needing no tools and ...

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iStraw, personal water filtration makes beverages yum yum

If I wanted to drink tap-water, I’d just drink out of my dog’s bowl. That irony taste just isn’t for me. iStraw is a lightweight polycarbonate straw with its own internal filtration system. Using micro-filtration, the straw removes much of the contamination from a glass of water. The iStraw’s special internal membrane allows for water to be filtered without the ...

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Light Drop might keep you up at night

In our entire lives, we have only murdered 3 people because of an annoying dripping water faucet that drove us over the edge. Only three. Well, I think that’s pretty impressive. The Light Drop design by Rafael Morgan not only looks like a faucet, but the light bulbs are shaped like falling droplets of water. This wall mounted lighting source ...

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Nintendo DS Lite-bot

The RoboDS is an open robot platform for the Nintendo DS. The robot is controlled via the DS’s WiFi connection using a web browser interface. The jobs that RoboDS can accomplish are endless. Find a wireless camera, and you can wirelessly keep a close watch on your home. To get the RoboDS working you’ll also need to get the DSerial2, ...

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