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Eco Friendly Printers to Save the Environment

eco friendly printing

With today’s innovation in technology and office solutions, there are a lot of ways to improve business productivity while saving the environment. With the looming threat of Global Warming, corporate social responsibility is now a priority for all large businesses and the market for eco-friendly office solutions has never been so packed with options. ENERGY STAR, a U.S. Environmental Protection ...

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Green Insurance: The Perfect Tool For Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Green insurance is a type of policy that helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by installing solar panels or energy-efficient appliances. Eco-friendly homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From hybrid cars to solar panels and composting toilets, there are plenty of options available. One thing that people often overlook is green insurance—but this ...

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Creating a User-Friendly Ecommerce Website


There are many reasons why user experience and design can make or break an ecommerce website. You can see great examples at Magento designs by Bing Digital. Conversion rate is the big talking point most marketers emphasize. Other benefits include reduced customer support, reduced customer acquisition costs, repeat purchases, and the super important customer referrals. Have a Clear Call to ...

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4 Tips for Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Interior design

Green construction has gotten a lot of attention lately, but some homeowners haven’t grasped the basics of green interior design, which can be just as important. This could be a huge missed opportunity in your case, and may need to be made more of a priority in the future. What is Green Interior Design? The first question people often ask ...

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Eco-friendly Travel: How will People Get Around in the Future?

Over the course of the last decade, we have become increasingly preoccupied with the state of the natural environment. This is thanks primarily to the impact of the digital age and the ever-expanding Internet, which have inspired a thirst of knowledge and provided the resources to satisfy this. This in turn has encouraged leading brands to follow suit and embrace ...

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CoffinPet Concept Gives Your Pet an Eco-Friendly Spot to Rest

The CoffinPet concept provides the environmentally-conscious pet with a 100% biodegradable to rest in piece. When it’s time for a pet to lay down their will and power of attorney, they’ll thank you generously for providing such a thoughtful place for their bodies to be dumped and quickly replaced. Of course, if you keep your pet in shape, you won’t ...

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Eco-friendly Lightsaber Packs A Mean Punch

Lightsabers are flippin’ cool but one can’t help but question their toll on the environment. Enter the Jedi Ecosaber, the lightsaber that wields a compact fluorescent bulb. It’ll light up but, when it comes to slicing things in half, you’d be better off with a butter knife. Redbubble is selling these t-shirts for $26.53, so grab yours before everyone in ...

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GoBoy-X2: Four-Wheeled Pedal Power Makes For Eco-Friendly Quad

Haha, look at you and your bike with its measly 2 wheels and one seat. We feel SORRY for you! The GoBoy-X2 is a eco-friendly alternative to the bicycle, offering a much more manly four-wheels, and even a second seat for your girlfriend, or most likely, your mother. Totally free of air and noise pollution, the only bummer about the ...

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Sharp eco-friendly street lights

Let’s all give Japan a round of applause for coming up with such great and seamless eco-friendly designs. These solar street lights from Sharp are just another example of the growing Japanese effort at global environmental reform. The Sharp models LN-LW3A1 and LN-LS2A1 save up to 1800 lumens of pure sun power, and then use that power to give the ...

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