8-Bit Starcraft

Sure, it might not exist, but somebody should so develop this game and submit to the App Store. Odds are that it wouldn’t be approved because of copyright and all of that jazz, but just on the off chance that it is approved, it would totally be worth the effort.

Okay, now I sorta wish Blizzard had been developing games in the 80s. To this day I still prefer the casual retro games to the bloated consumer fest that gaming has become. Blizzard is actually one of the only companies that creates full-scale modern games which I consistently enjoy playing. With the release of Starcraft 2 just around the bend, 8-Bit Starcraft is a fitting ode to Blizzard and the games that inspired modern video gaming. Hit the jump for the video mock-up of the best 8-bit game that never existed.

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