7 Reasons Why Being Skinny Is Overrated

Taking a look at present day magazines and commercials, it’s easy to see what the “ideal” is for women (and men) in modern day society. The thing is though, that we think the “ideal” of being a skinny woman is pretty overrated. Sure, there’s a difference between being curvy and being unhealthy, but we’re all for curves.

Check out 7 reasons why we think being skinny is overrated.

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1. Bacon…no more explanation required.

McDonalds Fries
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2. McDonalds French fries. Yes, we know they sit in your stomach and they don’t degrade and….we know, we know, but they are delicious.

Fudgey The Whale
Via Carvel

3. Fudgey the Whale. If you have never been to Carvel or had a Fudgey the Whale birthday cake then you are missing out on something more incredible than…well, any other birthday cake ever.

Cool Mint Double Stuffed Oreos
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4. Double stuffed Oreos. We prefer the cool mint but quite honestly, any Oreo will do in a pinch, especially when you have a nice ice cold glass of milk.

Haagen Dasz
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5. Haagen Dazs coconut macaroon ice cream. If you’ve never tried it and are lucky enough to find it in your local store, fill your cart, you can thank us later.

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6. Beer battered onion rings. Sure, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but there are very few things we wouldn’t do for some onion rings.

Guylian Chocolate
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7. Guylian Belgian chocolate. Never had it? Go find some NOW!

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