7 Images of Technology With Faces!

Have you ever looked at an electronic gadget and seen a face? Scary right? Take a look at these 7 images of technology faces.

Sandwich Maker
Via tricoder.net

1.Evil sandwich maker is watching you!

Happy VHS Tape
Via Gizmodo.com

2. Happy VHS Tape is happy.

Happy Coffee Maker
Via Flickr User plindberg

3.  Happy coffee maker is beyond happy.

Shocked Smoke Detector
Via Flickr User thentoff

4. Shocked Smoke Detector is stunned and traumatized.

Sad Bathtub

5. Sad Bathtub is devastated.

Sassy Lock

6. Sassy Lock sticks out his tongue at you!

Happy Scales

7. Happy Scales take pleasure in your torture.

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