6 Mobile Phone Cases No One Should Buy

Have you ever seen a mobile phone case and thought…why? We have. In fact we’ve seen so many that today we’re going to share 6 of them.

Take a look at these 6 mobile phone cases that no one should buy…

Hand Holding Phone Case

1. The hand holding cell phone case…because it’s just sad.

2. The revolver cell phone case…because you don’t really want to get shot by a cop for answering your phone.

Booty Call Cell Phone Case

3. The booty call cell phone case…because no one should be that tacky…or obvious.

4. iMeshi Japanese Food iPhone cases…because…just, eww.

5. Receiver Cell Phone Case…because where are you even going to put that thing?

Big Ear Cell Phone Case

6. The big ear cell phone case…because we just don’t understand…

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