5.5 Terapixels, Huh?: Mis-Advertising Much


BREAKING NEWS! Chinese manufacturer Penchan has figured out how to make a cute little blue camera have 5.5 Terapixel resolution which equals about 5,500,000 megapixels. That makes this little camera thousands of times more sensitive than even the most high-tech cameras.

How did they manage such a breakthrough? And why are there not more people talking about it? And we know it can’t be a lie. It’s on the internet. Everything on the internet is totally true. Always. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. i can’t wait to buy one : )

    a little mistake “resolutionm”

  2. I don’t see anyone asking the most important question of all.How much the darn thing going to cost people who want to get one now or do we have to wait a couple of years yet.

  3. This is a photo from the future.

  4. Mcguyver would be proud of this invention, his infinite enhancement can now become a reality. =D damn I miss mcguyver

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5TRwoyggAE (Mcguyver enhancing some videos)

    http://www.whatthefood.dishist.com (weird food stuff, blatant plug sorry)

  5. Lmao, it has a duck in it. how much is it?

  6. It has got to be Japanese. In which case, translation error.

  7. It must be the crystal lens. It obviously has magical magnifying powers.

  8. Yes everything you see on internet its true … forest gamb !
    This camera i’m sure it should have about 1 or 2 mexapixels maximum !

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