5 Ways To Grow Your Linkedin Connections

The size of your network on LinkedIn matters a lot. If you have a huge first-degree connection network, it opens up a pathway to expand your network to many more second and third-degree connections. In other words, a larger connection allows you to come up in broader search results. If you desire to get found on this social network, it is important to develop the size of your first-degree connections. 

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Proven Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Contacts

Having hundreds of connections can place your profile in a unique club. It can also add credibility to your profile. Whatever your goal for creating a large number of connections, whether it is to build a better profile, to export LinkedIn contacts, or for any other purpose, it is recommended to use the following strategies.

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Firstly, you should complete your LinkedIn profile. This should include:

  • Summary
  • Work history
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Recommendations

And other elements.It is quite simple to do this because the site provides you all the guidance required to complete the profile information.When your profile is complete, it becomes easier to find it. 

It is also recommended to optimize your profile using the right keywords. Keyword optimization has a huge impact in making your LinkedIn profile searchable. Make sure to find a relevant keyword and use it on your profile. It should be relevant to who you are and what you desire to be found for.

2. Post Regular Updates

Just creating a profile isn’t enough to build your connections. You should make your presence felt on a regular basis. 

  • It is recommended to post updates daily
  • Each post should add some value
  • The posts should have a call to action

This will help you stay more in your target audiences’ feeds. This can create more opportunities for your audience to comment or share your posts. 

3. Engage More

Another important strategy to grow your connections is to engage more with the updates from your connections. This includes regularly reviewing your wall and sharing your connections’ updates, commenting on them, and liking them. 

  • Comment on the updates from new connections to start relationships
  • Build your audience by getting into conversationson posts that are relevant to your niche and are popular

When you increase your engagement rates, it sends out signals to users about your existence. This helps in increasing your visibility. Many users may want to know more about you and this can help in creating new connections.

4. Join Groups

You should not only join relevant groups, it is also important to participate in them. 

  • Make it a rule to search for new groups every month hand join them
  • Engage with all the groups periodically through comments, likes, and asking questions

Groups give you many opportunities. You can gain market insights and post links to your own updates. Users who view you more often in groups and regularly interact with you are highly likely to connect. 

LinkedIn also allows you to create your own group. When you have your own group, it adds credibility to your profile. Users are highly interested in networking with others who have good connections.

5. Connect with People Who View Your Profile

Another strategy to grow your connections is to reach out to users who view your profile. LinkedIn, unlike most other social networks, provides this unique feature. You can check the list of users who visited your profile. 

There must be some reason why these users viewed your profile. They may have been directed from your comments in some groups or elsewhere. It is highly likely that these users will be ready to connect to you.So make sure to follow these strategies to grow your connections on LinkedIn. Once you have built a decent-sized network, you can export LinkedIn contacts and connect with them on other platforms or build your marketing strategies.

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