5 Society 6 Artists We Love And Why

If you haven’t checked out Society6.com yet, then you need to. Go ahead, we’ll wait right here.

Okay, back? Now let us tell you five of our favorite Society 6 Artists and why we love them.

#1. Travis English

The Time of Angels By Travis English

We like Travis English’s style, there’s something propaganda-like about his poster art and we love it!

#2. Melissa Smith

Avengers Assemble By Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith has a unique ink splatter look to her work and we’re loving it. This is one of our favorite pieces, Avengers Assemble.

#3. The Blue Canary

Batman Cute Girl Series By The Blue Canary

The Blue Canary puts a more “cutesy” spin on his/her art but we are really digging this cute girls of Batman series!

#4. Franchie

Superhero Consultants Iron Man and Batman By Franchie

Franchie has just one piece in their portfolio at the moment but we are definitely hoping for more like this Iron Man / Batman mash up!

#5.  Danny Haas

Iron Man By Danny Haas

This Iron Man piece by Danny Staark looks a little like the Franchie piece above but Haas has been on our radar for a much longer time with his super hero mash ups. We just can’t get enough of Danny’s simplistic style.

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