5 Projects We Can’t Live Without From Code Canyon!

No matter whether you are a coder, a designer or just an interested website owner, there are plenty of online resources to troll through for the latest and greatest tidbits in coding.


Code Canyon

Code Canyon is one of our favorite resources for coding ‘junk.’ Whether you’re looking for a very specific script snippet or are just looking for ideas to implement in your new site, Code Canyon has what you need.

Take a look at 5 of our favorite projects on Code Canyon!

1. Fromcraft the premium WordPress form builder

Formcraft sells for $30 but offers users a new category of web forms without requiring any knowledge of coding.

2. Fullscreen Background Slideshow

The fullscreen background slideshow is something new in terms of slideshows and best of all it doesn’t require flash!

3. Touch responsive slider script

Touch responsive scripts aren’t always easy to come by but this touch responsive slider script is a must have if you plan on marketing to touch screen devices.

4. SEO Studio 2

SEO scripts and services aren’t as hard to come by but SEO Studio 2 is certainly worth checking out if you’re looking for a single resource that offers 30 different SEO tools.

5. LivIcons animated vector icons

LivIcons feature 353 animated vector icons and 51 static icons to bring something a little new and a little more dynamic to your next venture.

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