5 PC Games You Can Play on Your Netbook


Netbooks aren’t the hardware midgets some might suggest. Ok, well they aren’t speed demons typically, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t several full PC games you can play right on your minuscule internet box. Liliputing put together a list of five PC games you can play right on your netbook. And they are:

1. Torchlight
2. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
3. Sins of a Solar Empire
4. Trials 2 Second Edition
5. World of Warcraft

That’s right, as long as your netbook has 1 GB of RAM and you don’t mind playing with the effects settings at their lowest possible settings (which you’d be hard pressed to tell a difference anyway considering the netbook’s tiny display) you can actually play the full-version of World of Warcraft right from your netbook. Head over to Liliputing for more in-depth info.

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  1. i had c and c red alert 2 running on a net book about a year ago which is still a good game if you get them networked together.

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