Top 5 Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 1700 in 2020

With Intel leading the market for processors, AMD is rising competitively to change the conventions. With its processors offering a higher price to performance ratio, AMD has become increasingly popular among customers and is gradually establishing its niche.

Ryzen 7 1700 enables you the perfect integrated graphics. 

Though Ryzen 3000 series is in the market now, 1700 still stands as a durable and robust processor, which involves eight cores and 16 threads- an excellent price bargain.  Also, because of the new models, you can purchase the Ryzen 1700 at a low price.

If you have recently purchased Ryzen 7 1700 or are looking for an great motherboard, you’re at the right place! 

A high performing processor needs a capable motherboard to complement its various features and support its proficiency. 

Buyer’s Guide: What do I need to consider before choosing a motherboard?

Well, yes, you would want to choose the best motherboard for your processor according to your needs. 

Each motherboard is different and intends to cater to a specific set of customers. 

All you need to figure out is what do you plan to use your processor for and then decide the motherboard primarily.

These are some of the factors that could be kept in mind while making a selection.


You’ll want a high-speed motherboard when it comes to playing games or using your computer for work. Would you prefer frequent lag and the countless hours it takes to transfer data? Of course not! 

Therefore, it is recommended that you select a motherboard with a high speed to stay ahead of others and prevent your motherboard’s obsoleteness.

Form Factor

Form factor refers to the design and shape of your motherboard. The chipsets and the locking mechanisms should be perfect for your Ryzen 7 1700. In short, the motherboard must be compatible with your processor. 

Secure Connection

The motherboard must fit into your processor seamlessly. It shouldn’t leave out gaps or loose connections. Therefore, the shape and size of the motherboard must be looked at keenly. 

Loose connections cause disruptions in your system’s efficient functioning, so it’s always better to purchase a motherboard, which will not give rise to such issues. 


Now, this might be a subjective factor, depending on a budget of person to person. Generally, people who need the motherboard for extensive purposes should invest in buying a great motherboard to facilitate their work. 

However, people with limited use could choose to buy an average budgeted motherboard as it wouldn’t matter that much to them. 

External Ports

The external ports are an essential element of a motherboard. They help you connect your accessories and other devices with a processor. So, they should be efficient as well. They should enable you to form good LAN connections.

Which are the top 5 motherboards?

Let’s look at the best motherboards that you can pair with your Ryzen CPU!

1. MSI X370 Gaming Plus

MSI X370 Gaming Plus

Being an ATX type board, the MSI X370 Gaming Plus is one of the most compatible motherboards. It provides a considerable amount of memory boost to the Ryzen CPU. 

Furthermore, it’s multi-GPU functioning is another impressive feature that other boards do not have. The cooling mechanism on the board makes sure that there is no heat damage even when multiple GPUs are working.

Moreover, it’s VR Ready and provides a VR boost, which eliminates latency and reduces motion sickness. 

It is the best for gaming because it is gaming certified and provides lightning-fast game experience due to Lightning USB 3.1 Gen 2. 

Also, it has a studio-grade audio system for most immersive gaming experiences.  

Who will use this the most?

It is ideal for people who want to run multiple programs at the same time, especially gamers. The cooling mechanism will ease heat dissipation and prevent overload on the processor. This is for the people who do not have any issues with the motherboard being bigger than usual.

Pros Cons
Realistic gaming experience with the VR in itHeavier than other boards at 2.55 pounds
USB 3 port for developing a wired connectionSeems bulky at 13.78 x 10.63 x 3.11 inches
Multi-GPU functioning while keeping the heat low
Mystic Lighting makes the gaming board look cooler
A sudden memory boost to the processor with DDR4

Bottom line

To wrap up, this is a cool motherboard that comes at an affordable price. The speed of functioning and data security are quite high. This makes almost everyone like it at once. So, you, too, are sure to have a good time using it once you invest in it. 

2. Gigabyte GA-AB350

Gigabyte GA-AB350

Here we have a motherboard from Gigabyte, the GA-AB350. This motherboard comes in Black and Red, which is a classic theme for gaming. It should go well with the rest of your build. This is an ATX motherboard, so you get all the standard features, and this board will fit right into any ATX case.

The hybrid fan headers and temperature sensors are very efficient and precise. They pick up on minor heat changes too and try to cool off the processor. The DDR4 dual-channel approach to memory is impressive also.

This does look like a basic motherboard, but interestingly the PCIe slots are armored to support the graphics better and ensure durability. 

Another advantage of the motherboard is that it supports 2nd generation AMD Ryzen chips as well. 

So if you want to upgrade your CPU down the line, then you will not need to change your motherboard. This is a bit older motherboard so that you can get one at a discounted price.

Who will use this the most?

This is an excellent motherboard for gamers who prefer aesthetics too. The RGB lighting display keeps them interested in gaming. The rate of data transfer is also so good that players do not experience any lag. It is the one for you if you want to beat all of your competitors in gaming.

DDR4 supports a dual-channel approachSlightly heavy at 2.88 pounds
USB port has an adjustable voltage designBoard network adaption is somewhat tricky
Multi-zone LED lighting for an RGB display
USB 3.1 for secure and quick LAN connections
Temperature sensors and hybrid fan headers for effective thermal protection

Bottom line

All in all, this is an incredible motherboard that works like a monster. Its speed of data transmission and the LAN establishment are flawless. The features are all great for the price that you pay for them, so getting this will turn out to be good for you.

3. MSI B450 Tomahawk

MSI B450 Tomahawk

The MSI B450 Tomahawk has a sleek design. The motherboard comes in Black and Grey, which looks very lovely. 

This is an ATX motherboard and will fit into any ATX case. The motherboard is a perfect combination of looks, price, and features.

You get 4 RAM slots, and the motherboard supports up to 64 GB of RAM. That is more than enough for gaming and ideal for content creation. 

The motherboard supports RAM speeds up to 3466MHz, which is very impressive indeed. 

It also comes with a pair of M.2 slots that can be used for fast storage. Other than that, you get 6 SATA 3 ports for HDDs and SSDs. So you have plenty of storage options.

This is an MSI motherboard, so you get features such as Game Boost, GAMING Hotkey, X-Boost, and EZ Debug LED. Other than that, the motherboard supports Crossfire so that you can use multiple AMD graphics cards. 

Who will use this the most?

MSI B450 Tomahawk will mainly be used by those who need vast amounts of storage and high data transfer rates. If you’re looking for a newly designed motherboard, this could be your pick. Also, it is budget-friendly provided the features.

Impressive value for moneyOnly 2 fan headers
Great designOnly 2 RGB headers (non-addressable)
Basic bios settings are easy to navigateUSB 3 header is at the bottom
EZ debug LED light

Bottom line

Adding it all, the motherboard is pocket friendly along with an impressionable design. It’s definitely worth the purchase if you deal with huge amounts of data that need to be stored and accessed multiple times. 

4. ASUS Prime X370-Pro

ASUS Prime X370-Pro

The most impressive feature of this motherboard is the 5-way optimization, which allows one-click system-wide tuning that now also senses GPU temperatures to ensure cooler gaming. This also ensures that there are minimum data losses, and the performance is always high. 

Along with that, the RGB lightning display looks terrific. It has a pristine and powerful audio quality too. 

Who will use this the most?

This is most useful for people who want to have a very high rate of data transfer. The 64 GB RAM in it ensures that there is enough storage for mass transfer of data. The patent-pending slots make it quite durable. So, it will be great for those who want a long-lasting motherboard as well.

RAM has a storage of 64 GBNeeds a lithium metal battery for working
Better aesthetics with RGB lightingSome issues with 12V have been reported
HDMI type graphical input mode is used
Patent-pending safe slots used to strengthen the frame
5-way optimization for maximum performance of the motherboard

Bottom line

Summing it all up, the motherboard is very well priced for all the features that it offers. The people who bought it also appreciate its pricing and the quality of working of this board. So, go for it if you have to consider your budget strictly.

5. ASRock X370 Gaming X Fatal1ty

ASRock X370 Gaming X Fatal1ty

This ASRock X370 has won over its recent buyers completely. They like it for its overclocking ability and construction quality. The buyers also like it due to the 3200+ (OC) support, which helps it distinguish from other boards. 

Its PCI Express slots and the form factor make us like it the most. The size of the socket and the shape of the chipset are perfect for Ryzen 7 1700. It also has eight memory slots in it, which help you transfer and save data quickly. 

Who will use this the most?

This is an excellent option for people who want to have a cool-looking motherboard. The black frame looks impressive with the red markers on it. This gives you the feel of being in a gaming arena while connecting it with your gaming console. 

2 PCI Express slots on the socketHeatsink does not work very well
8 memory slots available on the boardNo chassis fan headers on the left
Compact frame at 12 x 9.6 x 0.1 inches
3200+ (OC) support with the DDR4 memory units
Cool appearance with red markers on the black frame

Bottom line

So, it is a wonderful motherboard which caters to the needs of modern users. The storage memory and size fitting of the sockets are perfect. The heat sink can be a problem, but you can have some other cooling system for that. So, you can go ahead and buy it without any reservations. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a quality motherboard is quite easy when you know what to look for. But, finding a good one at an affordable price is hard. You can get a used one too if you are on a stringent budget. This is something that can help you save money and still have a fully functional motherboard. 

Other than this, there are some very inexpensive motherboards in the market. You have to make sure that the model comes from a trusted brand. Its warranty and guarantee can help you choose it too. You can find an affordable quality motherboard, but you have to dig deeper into that.

Keeping all of this in mind, a new motherboard makes Ryzen 7 1700 work faster. There are so many fantastic options in the market that have cool pricing as well. So, go through the available options carefully and choose the motherboard which meets your needs best.

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